“New Carousel Gives Mall a Makeover” and “Renovation Draws Rave Reviews” “The half-million dollar Double Decker Carousel was custom built … including horses, spinning tea cup, dinosaurs and more…”  “I think it’s awesome,” said Kelly Hodson, who brought her 3-year old Alyssa and 1year-old Jayden to the grand opening.  “I love it!” said Jamie Bradner of Independence.
     Brenna Kelly, The Kentucky Enquirer

“The Carousel is the Main Attraction”… “covered with lights and mirrors, the Victorian double-decker can be seen from the freeway through the Mall’s glass windows.”
     Cincinnati Community Press

“Local Mayor Diane Whalen chose to ride a Bengal tiger, and Karen Seiter, said she’d be coming to the Mall more often now bringing her 3 yr-old daughter.”
     Cincinnati Community Recorder

”Rare double-decker is crowning jewel of Mall’s new food court… the centerpiece is populated with 24 hand-painted animals”
     Jim Knippenberg – Cincinnati Enquirer

“In plenty of time for the holidays, the Valencia Town Center Mall unveiled a new Double-Decker Carousel with lions, tigers, bears, gaily festooned horses and a menagerie of other animals to celebrate the valley’s winter headquarters of the Clyde Beatty Circus.”
     Carol Maglione – Newhall Land, Editor

“Glenbrook Square’s new Double Decker Carousel features zebra’s, sea dragons and horses with rhinestone trim drawing adults and kids of all ages.  Stephanie Sykes and 1 yr-old son, Jordan took a spin grinning ear to ear.”
     Chad Ryan – The News-Sentinel, Ft. Wayne

 “The Mall’s brand new 22 ½ ton Double Decker Carousel ride is Merry-in-the-making!  Assembly begins Sunday evening after the mall closes and takes five days to complete.  The attraction as it’s going up brings a lot of excitement.”
     Dean Messer Jr. – The Journal Gazette

“This beautiful mall is using space more efficiently… Carousels attract riders from infants to seniors and that attracts lots of families… we’ve seen regular riders grow up over the years… there’s nothing like the smile of a child… it’s a wonderful thing.”
     Sherry Slater – The Journal Gazette

 “A Double Decker Carousel is coming to the new food court!” 
     Northern Kentucky Life