Here’s what people are saying about our Double Decker Carousel:

I’d rather have a carousel in the mall rather than four additional carts any day because the carousel draws families to the mall and leads to other sales.  Once they’re here they shop, eat and go see a movie.
     Eric Klafter, General Manager
     Westfield Valencia

Great draw – families come specifically for the carousel.  Creates a better overall experience.
     Gavin Farnam, General Manager,
     Westfield Solano

We specifically come to the mall for the carousel.
     Cheree Piper, Mom of Jaiden, age 3 and Michael, age 8

He wouldn’t have gone on the carousel ride if it wasn’t a Double Decker.  He’s growing out of it.
     Cheryl Fazzi, Mom of Eli, age 6

Every time we come to the mall we ride it.  It’s tradition! Corey
     Pachorek, age 11,
     Nailah Elmasri, age 10
     Aisha Elmasri, age 12

“The younger shoppers prefer the hummingbird, elephant, ostrich, sea dragon and gorilla, but all the kids loved the rabbit and cat.”
     Windy Robinson, Marketing Manager
      Florence Mall

“Bright balloons dropped from the ceiling and the kids squealed in delight...they scrambled to their favorite animals…” shopping with her four children… “ I noticed the difference at the mall right away”  “I’m impressed!”
     Julie Webster,  Homemaker and Shopper at Florence Mall

“Tiffany is thrilled, she’s ridden the carousel three times today…she loves the big gorilla”
     Ron Raisor, Tiffany’s dad

“We’ve never had anything like it”…The attraction brings a lot of positives… it’s colorful, very interactive, provides for wheelchair seating and brings entertainment to everyone.”
     Steve Niles, General Manager
      Glenbrook Square, General Growth Property